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Profession : Medical Laboratory Technician
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Phone Number : (868) 755-6191 , (868) 709-9870
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Medical Laboratory Technicians are responsible for the Chemical, Microscopic and Bacteriological testing for substances such as blood, tissue, urine and other body fluids for detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


  • To prepare stains and make microscopic examinations of smears, blood, urine, pus, stool, sputum and other body fluids and exudates.
  • To prepare, examine and analyze a variety of body fluids and tissues which aid in the diagnosis and clinical management of patients, according to written protocols in the relevant area of assignment.
  • To prepare semi complex reagents, solutions and stains.
  • To operate basic and computerized equipment within the Laboratory sections.
  • To handle Bio-hazardous and radioactive materials and ensure safe disposal as protocol demands.
  • To perform routine maintenance daily on apparatus used in the department.
  • To prepare blood and blood products for use in blood banking.
  • To assist in preparing and staining of bone marrow preparations and tissues for examinations by the pathologist.
  • To assist in performing Quality Control and standardized procedures.


    Associate of Science (A.Sc) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Medical Laboratory Technology.
    Registration with the Medical Laboratory Technicians’ Board of Trinidad and Tobago.


    • Comfortable with technology.
    • Ability to co-ordinate and undertake research activities.
    • Must be detail-oriented.
    • Ability to follow procedures and instructions.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • Knowledge of relevant computer applications.
    • Record-keeping skills.
    • Must be able to work as part of a team.
    • Excellent communications skills.
    • Must be able to follow safety regulations.

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