The Council for Professions Related to Medicine was brought into being by ACT 35, 1985 and proclaimed by President Noor Hassanali in 2005.

The office was opened in late 2006, at the Goodwood Building, Henry Street, Port of Spainhoused by the Ministry of Health. In October 2012, we were relocated to office space at Park Plaza, ground floor.

Role and functions of the Council
A Coordinating Function -According to the Act 35, 1985,The Council is the coordinating body for several Boards of Professions Related to Medicine.

These are:
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers
  • Occupational and Speech Therapists
  • Radiographers

Registration and Licensing of suitably educated and prepared professionals.
This refers to regulation of the professions to preserve the welfare of the public.

The Council receives registration fees from all registered members of the Boards:
  • Provides operating costs to each Board
  • Issues initial practice certificates
  • Publishes current registration lists annually
  • Maintains current registers of professionals of the related Boards that are reviewed annually for public viewing.
  • Provides resolution of issues that arise in the professions.
Composition of the Council
  • Two persons, from each of the six Boards’ elected executive, plus two additional members, who will sit only when the respective Board presents a position, but cannot vote.
  • Two representatives nominated byMinistry, from its staff, who work in the professions named in the Act 35, 1985, and another who is named Chairman of The Council.
  • One person representing the Medical Board .
  • One representing UWI medical faculty.

  • Ensures protection of the health of the public in prevention, diagnosis and treatment that is outside the basic areas of medicine and nursing, and fosters a collaborative approach to health care, that if received, significantly improves the condition of the recipient individuals.
  • Maintains standards of practice that protects the public
  • Ensures professionals keep updated with their technology

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