The Physiotherapist Board is a body of Physiotherapy Professionals who represent duly qualified Physiotherapists/Physical therapists in Trinidad and Tobago. It is the platform by which physiotherapists in both the public and private sector are registered to practice in the country. A registered physiotherapist/physical therapist is authorized to use the initials RPT, meaning registered physiotherapist/physical therapist.

Registered physiotherapists/physical therapists are required to display their registration certificate at their place of work. They also carry registration identification cards. These can be furnished upon request of a client.

Physiotherapists have been designated as the exercise experts by The World Confederation for Physical Therapy, which is the only international body representing physiotherapists/physical therapists worldwide. Our main focus is to improve the functional status of patients who have injuries, illnesses, communicable, non-communicable diseases and age related conditions. Physiotherapists/physical therapists work with persons of all ages to improve their quality of life through proper assessment, differential diagnosis, treatment, management, and education of patients/clients and caregivers.

Physiotherapists/physical therapistsare autonomous practitioners which mean that when a person is seen by a registered physiotherapist/physical therapist he/sheperforms their own assessment to determine the most effective treatment plan.
Physiotherapists perform the following:
  • take a detailed history of the mechanism of injury, and related health issues and perform a thorough physical examination.
  • evaluate the findings to determine a physiotherapy diagnosis of the problem.
  • develop realistic treatment goals in collaboration with the patient.
  • formulate a treatment programme/plan of care, implement the programme/plan of care and educate the patient/caregiver.
  • review the plan of care and adjust the programme/plan of care accordingly.
  • refer to other health professionals for further management when necessary.
  • determine when supervised physiotherapy/physical therapy management is no longer necessary.
  • advise the patient/client on a continued home exercise programme.

Our scope of practice allows us to use a variety of therapeutic modalities to assist our clients. Some of these include, but are not limited to:
  • therapeutic exercise prescription
  • therapeutic ultrasound
  • therapeutic massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • dry needling
  • electrical stimulation
  • laser

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