Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers function individually and as of a multi-disciplinary team. We can be found in hospitals and communities , while some may even practice privately.

Medical Social Workers provide psychosocial and therapeutic support for persons and groups as they navigate through the health care system. They help clients to cope with diagnoses and the life-altering decisions. They also network with other support systems .

Psychiatric Social Workers help clients to foster and maintain mental wellness by providing therapeutic social services for the emotionally disturbed and the mentally ill . They also assist clients and their support systems to adapt to changes and to maintain proper mental health practices.

Both categories belong to the Board of Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers, which was established under Act 35 of 1985.
The main functions of the board are:
  1. Registration of Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers and monitoring of retention and registration.
  2. To increase the professional self- development activities amongst registered members.
  3. To increase the quality of practice of our membership, promoting best-practices.

Medical and Psychiatric social workers use their skills to facilitate the well-being of their clients . These include interviews and assessments ; intervention plans; individual and group counselling ; family conferences ; Advocacy and Networking.

The Board currently has 78 MSWs and 55 PSWs who have retained their membership for 2015.

Alvin Yorrick
PSW # 1024.
Chairman, Msw/Psw Board.

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