An Act of Parliament in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago cited as Professions Related to Medicine (Act # 35 of 1985) was enacted in December 1985. The Act provided for the establishment of a Council and various Boards to regulate the professions related to medicine. The Medical Laboratory Technicians’ Board of Trinidad and Tobago (MLTBTT) belongs to one of the professions governed by the Professions Related to Medicine Act.

The Board’s ten members are elected by the registered members of the MLT profession. The Board then selects two members (with voting rights) to serve on the Council, the body which has the function of co-coordinating, guiding and supervising the activities of the Board. After an initial period, the appointed Board members were replaced by elected Board members in 2005, when active registration began.

The Medical Laboratory Technicians’ Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Council and to the Minister of Health in all matters pertaining to the practice of the profession. The Board is responsible for the review and approval of applications for initial registration, the formulation and promulgation of Rules and Regulations pertaining to the practice of the profession and to make recommendations for disciplinary actions to the Council over all persons regulated under the statute.
Individuals regulated under the authority of this Statute provide services which directly affect the physical and mental health of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The Board, the Council and the Ministry of Health, strives to assure that only the highest quality care and services are delivered to the public. It is the mission of the Board to ensure that only qualified individuals enter the regulated profession, that the care and services which these individuals provide are within the standard of practice of the profession and that they maintain their professional competence through continuing education activities as required by statute.
The Medical Laboratory Technicians’ Board of Trinidad and Tobago oversees the eligibility of its practitioners in the state of Trinidad and Tobago.

The MLT Board has the authority to make recommendations to the Council. These include:
  • Establishing the registers, rules and code of ethics and for practice of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Setting the necessary qualifications for Medical Laboratory Technology personnel, including higher education, training programs and examinations administered by the Board
  • Overseeing Medical Laboratory Technology training program and continuing education providers
  • Issuance of annual registration certificates to Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Enforcing penalties, including license suspension and fines for violations of Board rules governing ethics in medical laboratory science

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